ASU rates as low as 1.90 per month per 100 benefit                                                          


Immediate on-line access for insurance cover to provide income in the event of disability or unemployment

Accident, Sickness & Unemployment can cause financial hardship which can take years to recover from, restrict future credit lines and cause the cancellation of life policies at a time when they are needed most.

Referred to under differing names such as Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Mortgage Payments Protection Insurance (MPPI) etc.  ASU policies provide short-term income replacement in the event of disability through accident or sickness with the added facility to cover the eventuality of unemployment. ASU policies can either be bought as a package to cover both disability and unemployment or separately
We consider to have the most competitive contracts available, with cheaper premiums resulting from direct access on this site. Should your particular circumstances not be covered by this selected range we do provide a more comprehensive choice with access to longer term income protection via our site and ultimately, full independent financial advice from our parent FTW(IFA)Ltd
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